Shanna Hutchins is a freelance photographer and retoucher living and working in Brooklyn, NY.  Her love of music and obsessive nature to acquire everything related to her favorite bands, expanded her visual world and ultimately her love of photography. Discovering the work of Anton Corbjin in the early 90's, who photographed some of her favorite bands, she was inspired to purchase her first 35mm Canon SLR. 

After moving to Portland, Oregon from the midwest she made the decision to return to school and earned her BFA in Photography from Pacific Northwest College of Art. During this time she spent a summer studying at the Charles University in Prague. While there she expanded her knowledge and love of analog B&W photography processes. She was also fortunate to have interned at the 20x24 Polaroid studio in New York City where she was able to work with photographers like Mary Ellen Mark and David Levinthal. It was during this internship that she fell in love with the city and made the decision to move to Brooklyn after graduation.

 Shanna continues to use film in her work however she has embraced the world of color digital photography.